Muslim Inspired Social Good

The cM Space

BISMILLAH – The Creative Muslims (cM) space is currently an idea. It is an idea to benefit the local community. To add a positive touch to the lives of Muslims and non-Muslims. It is an idea founded on a good intention to please Allah(swt) the Most High, the Most Magnificent. It is an idea centered around upholding Islamic values, morals and ethics. Geared towards inspiring college age students and professionals but open to all striving for self purification, and working tirelessly for unity and the cultivation of leadership, creativity and the teachings of sound Islamic knowledge in our communities.

How do you effectively pool together talent in a community to make an on-going, consistent effort, over a long period of time that yields significant positive change? Do you have a project that you’re working on but can’t find a team of like minded individuals to support your efforts?

The Creative Muslims (cM) space is a place where you can focus on creativity, Islamic studies and your projects, collaborate with others and get inspired. This is a space of purpose where you can find guidance. Is your project sustainable? What is the need it is attempting to address? What is the vision it is trying to achieve?

Can we create a community of social entrepreneurs and professionals that are striving in nearness to Allah(swt) through their work? Can we create a giving space? Can we share resources between each other – Dynamic Resource Collaboration? The Creative Muslims space would be a workshop for creating art and cultivating ideas into tangible action, to impact and positively influence the Muslim community. It would be the home base for teams to unite, plan, build and then go out and deliver. A space to unite the creative community with the purpose of pleasing Allah(swt).

A space to move us forward.

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