Muslim Inspired Social Good


“In the name of Allah(swt), the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.”

Founded in January 2010, Creative Muslims launched as a group blog to promote Muslim inspired social good. We were a bunch of College Students from the DMV that wrote posts on design, projects, ideas, photography and more – showcasing Americans who exemplified a positive image of Islam through their contributions to the community, the web, arts, multimedia, entrepreneurship, technology, and social media. Over the years, we’ve taken a hiatus from blogging, to work on our own projects in our local communities.

Today (Friday April 14, 2017), Creative Muslims has relaunched as a resource and a personal reflection blog for the Founder, Tubah SK as she reflects on the teachings of our Faith, the state of our communities, cultivating leadership and creativity, and explores ways to invigorate her local community with the teachings of the Qu’ran and life of the Prophet (saws) through creative means and partnerships.